Monday, January 12, 2009

Think Form and Function

A reminder, all the core strengthening techniques we're demonstrating can be done, anywhere. Our focus is form that begets function. Location and apparatus are secondary.

I go the gym, at Grant MacEwan College. I enjoy the outing, and interaction with the staff.

Yesterday, we demonstrated a simple side step. We were using a functional trainer device. There was an 10 pound weight, attached to my ankle.

You can do this exercise at home, without any weight, using a chair for balance. That's the only way, when you are just starting your rehab. I used the kitchen counter allot, during the first 12 weeks of my rehab. Still do.

The critical piece is 'function'. Executing on form, yes suck, squeeze, and squeeze is most important. That's what will get you functioning.

We'll show you some of the basic techniques from the Alberta Hip and Knee Clinic's, red book, over the new week.

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