Saturday, March 10, 2007

Options are Good for Hips

There's several ways to deal with malfunctioning hips.

Once you've determined surgery is an appropriate course of action.

Know there's more than one option.

Hip resurfacing is one.

Actually the procedure involves resurfacing of the socket.

The implant is smaller.

Recovery time can be shorter. There's greater potential for resuming an active life style. Less chance of in accurate length post operation

The video offers some insight into the procedure. If your are contemplating hip surgery, in Edmonton, ask the surgeon what procedure he's going to use. Look at your x rays to see how much damage there is and what the options to total hip replacement might be.

Link Hip Replacement Surgery

High Tech in the O.R

Satellites in the OR, well not quite, but close . OK modified GPS, instead of satellites. cameras hooked to computers to enable surgeons to get it right. Right means precise. Precision is mission critical, in hip replacement surgery.

Cameras triangulate implant positioning.

The computer maps the area and helps the surgeon determine the correct size for the implant. There's lots of Geometry in in hip replacement surgery.

Precise measurement=Less wear

Patient Benefits

The patient is unlikely to end up with one leg longer than another. Less muscle tissue is damaged shortening recovery time . There's the possibility of more robust activity post operation because the the melding of the implements with bone. As my surgeon said post op, bone is gold.

Unfortunately, hip replacement patients in Edmonton's Capital Health region won't see anything like this. At least I didn't. I also ended up with an a longer operative leg and an insert in my shoe to make me level. Procedures performed here, in comparison, are light years behind what's going on in the US and Europe. For anyone considering hip replacement , watch the video below. It's 60 minutes, however at the end you'll have a true understanding of the procedure. Know, there's nothing dainty about it.

Three Key Questions to ask you surgeon prior to surgery.

What method are you using?
What materials are the implements made of?
How do you know the measurements are precise?

Click the pic to see the video