Thursday, February 08, 2007

Still Hurts At Week 8

The pain has been most severe at night. I'm unable to sleep more than two hours at a time. The pain shoots from the lower glute, at the bottom of my butt, down the IT band , into the quad muscle and then into the groin. I tried a short term fix, a cortisone shot, didn't work. There was no change in the pain level.

I've had two physiotherapy sessions a week for the last three weeks. There is progress in terms of function and strength. Despite, the pain, I am doing more repetitions of the exercises than when I started, three weeks ago.

Two alternative therapies Active Release and Message are working. The active release is part of the physio regime. performed by my physio Sarah Pearce. Weekly message, is from Leslie Olsen at Healthy Balance, in Sherwood Park. Seven treatments in combination, in the last two weeks, with limited impact is on the pain cycle.

I waited too long to seek alternative therapy. Post Operative pain should diminish over the first four weeks of rehab. Expect to be told pain is normal It isn't. If you aren't sleeping due to post operative pain, in your butt, look into message and active release. Tell your Doctor. You know more about your pain, than he or she ever will.

Active Release Practitioners in Alberta