Monday, August 22, 2005

School Days Stress Reliever

In the wanning of summer and falling ahead, it's the time of year when resolutions are revisited. School starts, routines bump up to accommodate an array of activities, not the least of which is keeping active. Here's an easily incorporated exercise approach via LifeHacker For more concentrated resource in getting rid of the stress around clutter try Get Organized Now .

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


How do they do that, is the medial question of the day. Check this out.

This is a heart monitoring pill It's being used by the NFL to monitor players, during training camp, in the wake of a couple of fatalities. It is rather amazing, however scary too. Imagine the dark side every pill contains a monitoring device hmmm. It's now possible. Thinking a little further, this technology could go along way to resolving the mystery around herbal therapies and what they do or don't' do. At the same time Vioxx might not make it. However no doubt someone can figure out how to 'tweak' the monitor.

And this is an interface for a laser surgery procedure that can be done and has been done over the Internet.

"In an effort to combine sophisticated laser and Internet technologies, scientists in Australia have successfully performed laser surgery and “optical trapping” in a Southern California laboratory via the Internet.

...In a proof-of-principle series of experiments, the scientists from UC Irvine, UC San Diego and the University of Queensland employed RoboLase to produce surgical holes in a distinct pattern of less than one micron in diameter (1/1000th of a millimeter) in single cells"