Sunday, June 12, 2005

Supreme Court Champions Choice for Medical Care

"Access to a waiting list is not access to health care."

That is the key message from the Supreme Court's ruling this week.

The duplicity of Canada's (non) Universal health care system has been exposed. Not only is there private service delivery in the current system, there is privileged service too. Mindelle Jacobs reported there are four medical care tiers not two.

Monopolies do not foster innovation. They limit choice and charge high prices. Canadians have been duped. Government measures it success by how much of your money it spends. Then turns around and restricts access to what you can receive from so called universal medical care coverage by de-listing or creating approved services lists. On top of that, it creates criteria for clinically approved waiting periods, entrenching wait lists as opposed to eliminating them. Just a few weeks ago health Canada said it was spending $15 million to determine what is acceptable waiting time.

There is no acceptable waiting time. There is no need for it. Waiting list were created by politicians for their benefit. The next election is shaping up as more than just a referendum on political integrity it will determine the future of your accesss to medical care.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Half a Billion Dollars to market Vioxx

In the year 2000, Merck spent $590 Million marketing Vioxx. Total sales of $40 Billion, of which Vioxx's category comprised $2.3 Billion. These are just two pieces of financial data uncovered by Elisa Camahort in a piece called Pharmaceutical Marketing Costs.

Most of the marketing effort is targeted at doctors. So when the drug companies say "consult your doctor", know they already have. Transparency and the ethics of marketing might be good point to make to Health Canada. It has opened the floor to you, as part of a public hearing into Cox-2 Inhitibtors, anti inflammatory drugs. The public hearing is slated for June 9th . You can participate through a Health Canada website. It is rather detailed process to get to the survey form. However it is your chance to influence some health care policy. It is worth the effort.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dandelion Good for you and your Garden

It may sound incredulous however, Dandelions are good for you, and your garden.

Pesky Weed

Perhaps the lesson is in the fact that all the effort to eliminate the plant has not worked very well. Juli Knight has insight on how to prepare the pesky weed for the salad bowl. Dealing with Dandelions is for those willing to consider options in the garden. Dandelion Wine may be worth a