Wednesday, December 27, 2006


It's day 14 today. Starting to feel better. That's Good. The worst day was day 4. It wasn't the hip. It felt sore. That was expected.

It was the rest of me, reacting to various drugs and hospital therapy. Specifically, I was extremely nasuated. Sought help from my "GP", who made a home vist. That's pretty special stuff. The diagnosis was mild sinus infection, swollen glands. plus a digestive system reaction to medications.

The solution, part his, part mine. I took enzymes and acidophlius for the digestive system. Backed off the pain killers. Reduced the dosage in half. Drank a 'gallon' of fluids, daily, water, plus pop, and juice with sugar, in it. Don't usually drink much of the latter, however all of the above worked. It took a couple of days though.

Is is crtical to have your GP, availabe to you, post operation. Don't botther calling the Hip and Knee Clinic, on medical issues. Deal directly with your GP.

Do all that you can to feel well. For me the objective is to shortern the incapacity stage, as much as possible.
Feeling well is best way I know to do that.

Rehab session 24 hours after surgery

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Just about now 7 days ago I was 'in theatre' for hip replacement. So far, recovery is going well. Standing up typing this post, with a modicum of weight on the new hip. There's been some moments, and no doubt there'll be more, however , it's good to be home, recovering. Stay tuned for some patient perspective , "wisdom" from this crowd of one.

Guiding Hand from Therapist Sherry Rioux 24 hours after surgery

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Three Tips to Recover from Hip Surgery

Jan Remier is a fomrer Mayor of Edmonton, Alberta, and proud user of a 'bionic' hip. She's had hip replacement surgery. 

Her advice.  Listen to your body. Rehab with professional supervision and do what the phyisotherapist says.

We'll be able to compare notes real soon !


Monday, December 11, 2006

Donating My Hip Bone

Remember the song hip bone?

Prety good

... not it!

This one. althought not a great rendition. I expected to find more. I did learn it's a Negro Spiritual. I just remember it as a fun tune.

Well my hip bone is causing me grief. When it comes out, I've decided to let some one else have a go with it. The Comprehehnsive Tissue Centre, at the University of Alberta, is the agency that goes around chasing for bones.

That's a little hyerpobyle. They ask you to donate. Ninety percent of the folks approached do. That's impressive. They use the 'old bone' for hip, and spinal cord surgeries. Here's a link to the Centre. It's a little dated , however, you'll understand what they do. Expect to hear from these folks, if you're getting a joint makeover.

I'll trust that mine old bone makes a little better connection.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Signed the Contract

There's quite a process involved in acquiring a new body part. It's not a decision to be taken lightly.

Eighteen months ago, here in Alberta, the provincial government created a pilot project for hip and knee replacement surgery. The goal was to create a platform of specialists to deliver joint replacements more efficiently.

It's now called the Bone and Joint Clinic. I signed my contract today. We've all got roles and responsibilities.

If anyone wants to share their experience, I'd love to hear your story, or any tips you might have on the recovery side. Anything to ease my pain is really appreciated!

Learn how the pilot project has morphed into a fully integrated program, here.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Not Taking It Anymore!

The Pain that is. In my Butt, left gluteus maximus to be exact. Maybe more info than you need. I've had it for some time, 8 years. Tried just about every thing I know to lose the pain.

Read Back Pain Books. Tried herbs, supplements, accupuncture, message, phisotherpay and yoga. Changed my diet. Rolled the dice on the Egoscue Method. There is merit in all the therapies I tried . They work to some extent, not enough, just can't shake the pain.Gave the alternatives a good shot.

I'm losing capacity to do things, like walk the dog, I don't sleep well. Don't work as well as I know I can. Not all that enthuisased about give up a body part, however, on December 13th, will get a new hip. Stay tuned intend to document the process. It's been around for a while.

Click here or on the picture to see a 'virtual rendition' of the process