Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One in Seven

This diagram was a piece of my report to my surgeon, a year ago, today. Severe debilitating referred pain, in my Gluteus muscle, was consistent and constant from January 2007 , until January 2008.

My intention, with my hip surgery was to eliminate pain, thought to be emanating from my hip, and regain diminished capacity. The surgery exasperated my condition.

In six weeks, starting January 15, 2008, with the help of a group of physiotherapists and fitness trainers, we reduced the pain on the operative side, my left hip, from 9 to 2, on a 10 point scale. Resolving a mystery which befuddled my surgeon and the Alberta Hip and Knee Clinic, for over a year.

My rehab team identified my pelvis, and the muscles around it, as the source of the pain. My pelvis was, is, out of alignment. That's posture, a core strength issue. The muscles reacting to the misalignment over compensate, become stressed, wear out. The warning is pain.

Now we are working, on my right side, which was over used during my rehab. The symptoms are similar.

The take away...

Surgeons and physicians are not rehab experts.
Plan for issues arising, when you sign up for hip surgery.
There's a one in seven chance there will be a problem.
Find rehab specialists to help you through it.
Physiotherapists, Fitness Trainers, Active Release Chiropractors, Message Therapists.
No, or don't know, is not the answer you 'need'.

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